© Bodo´s Parrot Paradise Resort Alcoy Cebu
Enjoy our Pictures of different room categories. Seaview Deluxe Room-our Highlights (starting from 2890 Php per night good for 2):
And here our Standard Rooms ( Double or Quadouble Occupancy ) starting from 1950 Php per night good for 2
With Seaside Balcony
Without Balcony
All Rooms with individual Air Condition and Free WiFi Access for direct bookers
Not directly at the Beach but still the best rates place in Cebu South
© Bodo´s Parrot Paradise Resort Alcoy Cebu

Bodo´s Parrot

Paradise Resort

Alcoy Cebu

A well maintained Resort and

Restaurant with 14 Rooms for

resonable Prices is waiting for


Your vacation is the most valued time in your live. How many months simetimes years you have to wait for this days or weeks where you sahll forget about daily obligations and needs. Bodo´s Parrot Paradise Resort is YOUR spot to find all you desire! A spacious relaxing green surrounded from tropical trees and plants to chill and unwind Pool Bar with entertaining and welcoming staff Pool and Jacuzzi to enjoy fresh and cooling water Massage Area Several aviaries with local colorful Birds, noble Parrots and talking Minors

For our business clients:

Function Hall with premium equipment for Audio and Video Presentations

For Celebrations:

Big Celebration and Reception Area Luxury Live-Equipment with Digitally Sound Processor and LED/Laser Light Show included Certified Technicians Bachelor Degreed Event Manager Bachelor Audio and Light Engineer Complete Event Management and Schedulling Wedding Planning with „don´t care about anything guarantee“ House-Own Video Production in Premium Quality designed to your individual needs FOR FREE!

Well trained service and real welcoming


Only the Best can work at Bodo´s. 44 years professional experience WOLRDWIDE in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry give the spirit of EVERY MEMBER of Bodo´s Parraot Paradise Resort and Restaurant. All employees of Bodo´s that have to leave own key positions in other Resorts even they were too average for OUR REQUIREMENTS. THis shows the high standard we ask from our own. Our Employees are the Personality of Parrots Paradise Resort and Restaurant and you never will forget them-even after years our customers know the names of our Service Members and likewise they´ll do. This is UNIQUE in times like nowadays and we promise: This itself is an experience hard to find elsewhere.